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After 5 years of research, we wanted to share some exciting news with you!


PACE has been (and continues to be) funded partially by public funding at the Federal, State, City, and/or County level.  Public funding regularly requires us to participate in grant-funded research projects.  Since 2016 PACE has been involved in multiple grant-funded research projects.  From 2016 to 2019, PACE participated in grant-related research funded by the Nebraska Crime Commission with Dr. Richard Wiener from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to study the effectiveness of coordinated probation checks between Nebraska Juvenile Probation and OPD Officers who referred juveniles on probation to PACE Programming.  Since 2017 PACE has been participating in a coordinated research project with the University of Nebraska’s, College of Public Affairs and Community Service, Juvenile Justice Institute (JJI).  This project is also funded by the Nebraska Crime Commission.  This was certainly a labor-intensive project and required copious amounts of data collection and reporting!


We are pleased to report that PACE prevention programming has received a “promising” evidence-based rating from the JJI. This report is an evaluation of the effectiveness of Mental Health, Mentoring, Promotion/Prevention, School-Based Interventions, and Afterschool programs funded by Community-based Aid (CBA).


We know PACE programming works, we have ALL seen and experienced it first-hand, but we are grateful to have “evidence-based” research to back us up!  We will continue to participate in research projects and hope to work our way toward an effective rating. 

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