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2018 PACE League Comes to an Exciting Conclusion on Champions Day



9/10 A - Potrillos

Runner up - Raptors

9/10 B - Chivitas

Runner up - Galacticos

11/12 A - Nitro

Runner up - OHA

11/12 B - Galacticos

Runner up - Chivitas

13/14 A - OHA

Runner up - Chivitas

13/14 B - Guerrero

Runner up - Hornets

15/18 A - OHA

Runner up - Sporting South

15/18 B - JaCo

Runner up - Generation

2018 Soccer Schedules are Posted

Games Begin June 13,  2018

Uniforms can be picked up at Christie Heights Office

Micro Soccer and Girls Soccer will be on Sundays at Bryan High School from 9-7PM. Contact Giovanni Salgado 531-213-7338

2018 Soccer Coach Registration

The Registration "Soccer" is not currently available.

2018 Soccer Information and FAQ's

Soccer was the original sport of the program.  It started in 2005 with 6 teams and has now grown to over 1,700 participants. Games are played Monday through Friday nights at the Bob Campos Soccer Fields at 33rd & Q streets and Jerry Parks Football/Soccer Fields at 16th & Boyd.

REMINDER: Sunday, August 12th is the Champions Day event for the PACE Soccer League. Program games in 9 divisions will run from 10am to 3pm. Please check this site and your coach for your specific game time. Food will be served most of the day while it lasts. Overflow parking will be available in the parking lot just north of the Campos Soccer Complex. Congratulations to all our soccer players for another successful season at PACE! RLF872

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PACE Soccer League Information

Soccer Division 8 & 9 Year olds 10 & 11 Year Olds 12 & 13 Year Olds 14 & 15 Year Olds 16 to 18 Year Olds
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