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Guardian Volume 3 Fall 2018

By Tish Mendick, 11/12/18, 4:15PM CST


Volume 3 | November 2018

Summer/Fall Recap

A Season of Champions!

PACE Summer Camp

In July, the Omaha Police Department and Police Athletics for Community Engagement (PACE) teamed up to host the 1st Annual PACE Summer Camp.


Participants were separated into teams of six, and each team was assigned to two School Resource Officers.  Campers stayed paired with their SROs for the entire week. Each day consisted of lessons in topics such as bullying, cyber safety, and gang-prevention.  Every day the camp was visited by Police and Fire Specialty Units including the SWAT, Bomb Response, Canine Units/Squads and the OFD Smoke Truck.


Daily field trips included the zoo, a movie, ice skating, and bowling. The last day consisted of a field day where all campers competed in field activities and got to climb the rock wall.


Everyone went home with a new backpack full of school supplies.

Summer Baseball


All on the Same Team!

What a Season! 

We had another record  setting year for our

PACE Baseball Season.

With 463 players, we topped 2017

participation by 58%.


PACE mentored 24 teams and the baseball season ran from June 5th to August 4th.  The season ended with Champion’s Day where the final games were played and PACE volunteers served Hot Dogs, Chips,

and Cookies to all.

Summer Soccer Season

PACE kids played great this Soccer Season.  Soccer too, had another record  setting season. With over 1,800 players, we had a busy summer.


78 teams played, and the season ran from June 13th to August 12th.  The season ended with Champion’s Day where the final games were played and PACE volunteers served Hot Dogs, Chips, and cookies to all.

PACE Kids - Heading to the Top!

At the PACE Soccer Champion’s Day – participants were treated to FREE Back to School Haircuts.


We are so grateful for our giving community partners that are always stepping up to the plate to help our PACE kids.


TEAM is everything!

In the ages 8-9 bracket, the Huskers took first place with the

Stormtroopers chasing in at a close second.


The Eagles flew into first place in the age 10-11 bracket, with the

Jaguars running in at second.


The Tigers roared their way into first place in the 12-14 age bracket, with the

Falcons soaring into second place.


We are proud of all of the PACE Flag-Football players who all showed great sportsmanship throughout the entire season. 


Well Done PACE Kids!

Flag Football

What a Season!  We had a great turnout for the 2nd year  of PACE Flag-Football.  With over 160 players this year, we foresee this program growing to the size of our baseball program.

We coached 11 teams and the season ran from September 14th to October 19th.  Final games were played on Champion’s Day and once again, PACE volunteers served Hot Dogs, Chips, and Cookies for all.

A huge Shout Out to our PACE Coaches
and Volunteers – for logging thousands
of volunteer hours this year!! 
We could not do this with out you!
We make a living by what we get, but

we make a life by what we give!


In 2018, over 3,900 PACE youth participated in the following programming:
  • Fall and Summer Baseball
  • CrossFit in all seasons
  • Fall Flag Football
  • ACT Prep, Summer and Christmas Law Enforcement Educational Camps
  • After School Club Soccer
  • Girls and Micro League Soccer
  • Academy Summer and Fall Soccer
  • Winter Soccer
  • Summer Soccer 
Stay Tuned - we will be reporting all of 2018's participation numbers in our Annual Report. 

As we come to the end of the 2018 P.A.C.E. athletic programming season, there are so many great stories involving our P.A.C.E. youth, coaches and community members to share with our supporters. These memories will be cherished by all for a lifetime.  It was refreshing as we progressed through the season to receive so many inquiries regarding P.A.C.E. athletics, and what we had to offer for kids and parents. I also wanted to take a moment to share with you why P.A.C.E. is so much more than athletics.  In a time where “pay to play” athletics is making it tougher for our inner city youth  to participate in sporting activities, especially girls, we felt that general athletics was our way of offering something fun and positive during summer vacation from school. At the same time, we felt it was important to provide this opportunity FREE of any charges to participants and parents. Our final objective was to provide positive activities at specific times of the day and week where youth statistically were most vulnerable to many negative influences.


P.A.C.E. is striving every day to build positive Police/Community relationships between police officers, first responders, youth participants and our community through FREE athletics and now educational programming.  Our P.A.C.E. athletes return every year to experience the positive opportunities we are creating. We want them to share in quality "safe places to play", while being surrounded by police, their parents, community members and leaders, all providing positive influences on youth.  This environment gave P.A.C.E. the opportunity to promote our Core values of "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." (Reliability, Enthusiasm, Sportsmanship, Positive attitude, Education, Commitment and Teamwork).  In 2018, we will serve over 3,900 youth participants with the help of over 400 volunteers from law enforcement and the community who believe in our kids and the mission of P.A.C.E..  Please take the time to visit our P.A.C.E. website; or follow us on twitter @paceomaha to learn more about our programming and personally fulfilling opportunities for volunteers. 


As we like to say, “P.A.C.E. athletics is the season not the reason we come together”. Thank you and have a great holiday season!


Richard Gonzalez - P.A.C.E. Executive Director